Eric Zorn’s buyout from Chicago Tribune tops most-read posts in June

Eric Zorn

Columnist Eric Zorn’s decision to leave the Chicago Tribune after more than 40 years under the buyout offer that resulted in the departure of dozens more editorial employees led the top 10 most-read stories here in June.

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  1. Eric Zorn adds his name to Chicago Tribune’s ‘tremendous loss of talent’
  2. Robservations: Roe Conn makes ‘unexpected pivot’ to job in sheriff’s office
  3. John Kass signs off at Chicago Tribune: ‘An adventure happens’
  4. Robservations: ‘Wendy and Ray Show’ debuts Saturday night on WLS
  5. Mary Schmich bids farewell to Chicago Tribune in buyout exodus
  6. A list of Chicago Tribune staff buyouts
  7. Robservations: Chicago magazine loses top editor, senior writer in Tribune buyouts
  8. Robservations: Buyouts expected to accelerate exodus from Chicago Tribune
  9. Robservations: Phil Rosenthal exits Tribune for ‘thrilling, terrifying’ future
  10. Robservations: Owner says MeTV FM will ‘live and thrive’ despite FCC deadline