Dan McNeil returns with ‘Unsupervised’ podcast

Dan McNeil

Dan McNeil still has more to say.

After more than a year off the air, the veteran radio personality announced Tuesday he’s returning to host a twice-weekly half-hour podcast for Chicago-based Radio Misfits Podcast Network.

Starting September 5, “Dan McNeil: Unsupervised” will feature his take on Chicago sports as well as movies, music and current events.

Best known for his long run as a top-rated and outspoken sports radio host, McNeil, 55, most recently worked as a music morning show co-host with Pete McMurray on Hubbard Radio classic rock WDRV FM 97.1. The experiment proved a bad fit for all and ended after 16 months in June 2016.

But now he’s ready for a comeback.

“The timing couldn’t be better,” McNeil said in a statement. “The Bears are going to drip with controversy and consternation, and it’s time for the Cubs to put their big‐boy pants on to defend their title. Also, the retooled Blackhawks are going to camp. Perfect.

“‘Unsupervised’ is going to be me unbridled. I’ll have guests, but it’s gonna be from‐the‐toes, unfiltered sports commentary, augmented by splashes of other stuff guys talk about when they’re on the golf course,” he said.

Of his short-lived detour on The Drive, McNeil said: “I don’t regret my decision to take a whack at it. The result was a disaster, but I’ll never regret following my heart.

“As much as anything, I’ve rediscovered how much I love producing content, especially when football or the Rolling Stones are front and center. The time off has been great, but it’s time to get back on the microphone before my NFL bag bursts.”