Marv Nyren gets Tribune Media job

Marv Nyren

Marv Nyren

Marv Nyren, a veteran broadcast executive who went out with a bang after heading two Chicago radio stations, has gone to work for Tribune Media.

Nyren started Monday as director of group sales and marketing for Chicago-based Tribune Broadcasting, which includes 42 television stations nationwide and WGN America.

As regional vice president and market manager for Emmis Communications, Nyren served as general manager of classic rock WLUP FM 97.9 and alternative rock WKQX FM 101.1 for seven years. He left in 2011 when the company sold The Loop and Q101 to Randy Michaels’ Merlin Media.

On his way out, Nyren took a shot at reporters who had covered his controversial tenure. “These two stations have always made a lot of money — regardless of what some idiot journalists have to say in this marketplace who will go unnamed at this point in time,” Nyren said in a farewell appearance on Brian Sherman and Steve Tingle’s Q101 morning show. “They’re so stupid it amazes me.”

Among other unpopular moves, Nyren fired two of Chicago’s best-known morning personalities — Jonathon Brandmeier from The Loop in 2009 and Mancow Muller from Q101 in 2006. He also oversaw massive cutbacks at both stations.

After leaving Emmis, Nyren briefly worked as vice president of business development in the Midwest region for Clear Channel’s Total Traffic Network. Since 2012 he was market manager for iHeartMedia radio stations in Jacksonville, Florida. He previously worked in Phoenix and Atlanta.