Marketing and sales top Wert’s agenda

Sixteen months into Larry Wert’s tenure as president of Tribune Broadcast Media, what’s the most important thing on his to-do list? Marketing and sales for his 41 stations across the country.

“Our current agenda is to put together a marketing and sales organization for all of our stations and all of our digital properties,” Wert told TVNewser at its show and job fair in New York last week. “We’re working on that right now as a priority.”

Wert also commented on a case before the U.S. Supreme Court involving the television-streaming service Aereo, which charges users to watch over-the-air content online but doesn’t pay fees to the networks that create the shows.

“We think that’s proprietary content that we should have a say in. So do the network providers that are our partners,” Wert said. “Some think it’s just facilitating the use of an antenna. We’ll see how it works out.”