Bayless, Dolinsky serving ‘The Feed’

Rick Bayless and Steve Dolinsky

Rick Bayless and Steve Dolinsky

Famed Chicago chef Rick Bayless and veteran Chicago restaurant critic Steve Dolinsky have cooked up a new podcast together on (what else?) food.

Billed as “food news, recipes, author interviews, celebrity food chats, spirits and a ‘final bite’ that will literally make your mouth water,” “The Feed” debuted online Friday in both video form and audio form:

Highlights of the first episode included Dolinsky’s search for sustainable seafood, Bayless’s challenge to chef Jason Hammel to make a dish with celery root, and an interview with Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche, who talks about musical inspiration in the kitchen.

Bayless, founder of Chicago’s Frontera Grill and Topolobampo, is an internationally renown culinary master and host of the long-running PBS series “Mexico: One Plate at a Time.” Dolinsky is in his 11th year as “The Hungry Hound” at ABC-owned WLS-Channel 7, where his food reports air twice a week. Before joining ABC 7 in 2003, he was host and executive producer of “Good Eating” at Tribune Broadcasting cable news CLTV.

“Even though we both live and work in Chicago, we tend to travel a lot, so this show will reflect those travels, but it will also tap into our vast networks of colleagues and friends we’ve accumulated over the years,” Dolinsky wrote on his blog. “Think of it as a food lover’s sojourn through the labyrinth of enlightened consumption – spirits, chefs, markets, food shops and restaurants – then add a dose of intelligent, informed conversation, and you’re on the right track.”

Dolinsky said he and Bayless had been talking about launching a show “for months if not years” and that despite Dolinsky’s decade as food contributor to WBEZ FM 91.5, he never could persuade the powers at Chicago Public Media to approve one. “So after a long conversation with Rick about what we’d like to hear on the radio or in a podcast, we decided to just do it ourselves, with some help from Matt Cunningham, a friend and former producer at WBEZ,” Dolinsky explained.

“The ‘show’ will alternate between NPR-style reports and conversations; it will include a recipe segment, or rather, a challenge, where Rick and a colleague tackle an ingredient and try to show what people at home could do with it,” he said. “The benefit of having your own camera is that I can also have these segments shot, so in addition to hearing them on the air, you’ll also be able to see the recipe segments in their entirety on both our YouTube channel, as well as our Facebook page.”