Chicago radio veteran Herb Graham dies at 87

Veteran Chicago radio personality, voice actor and commercial announcer Herb Graham died Monday at 87. He was best known for his 26 years as host of “The Hour in the Middle of the Evening” on beautiful music stations WAIT and WLOO.

Graham, whose real name was Herb Grossman, also played Bubbie Beaver on the Chicago Board of Rabbis’ long-running children’s TV show “The Magic Door,” according to his niece’s husband, former Sun-Times reporter Howard Wolinsky.

“In the voiceover industry, he was said to have the ‘voice of God.’ Deep, resonate, attention-grabbing, emotional,” Wolinsky recalled. “You probably knew Herb’s work even if you didn’t know him,” noting that his voice was heard on ads for “some of the biggest names in American business,” including United Airlines and McDonald’s.

Courtesy of the Museum of Classic Chicago Television, here is a commercial for Burny Brothers Bakery featuring the voice of Herb Graham.

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