Studs Terkel Award winners reflect ‘Chicago journalism at its best’

Studs Terkel

Three prominent Chicago journalists and the collective news operation of Univision Chicago WGBO-Channel 66 have been named recipients of Studs Terkel Awards for 2017, Public Narrative announced Thursday.

Individual winners of Community Media Awards are Cate Cahan, senior editor of projects and initiatives at Chicago Public Media WBEZ FM 91.5; Carlos Javier Ortiz, documentary filmmaker and photographer, and Steven M. Mills, criminal justice reporter for the Chicago Tribune.

Teri Arvesu, vice president/director of content at Univision Chicago, said in a statement: “Every day I am witness to the dedication with which the journalists in our newsroom serve and represent the Latino community in Chicago; these men and women see this responsibility as vocation not a job. Many of them will tell you they don’t need the recognition of an award to fuel that passion. As their leader, who profoundly respects and admires the work they do, I cannot think of a greater honor than to see them awarded the Studs Terkel Award.”

In addition Terry Mazany, president and chief executive officer of The Chicago Community Trust, was named winner of the Studs Terkel Uplifting Voices Award.

Presented by Public Narrative, the nonprofit organization formerly called Community Media Workshop, the prestigious awards honor excellence in coverage of Chicago’s diverse communities. They’re named for Studs Terkel, the late Chicago author and broadcaster who was the guiding spirit of the organization since its founding in 1989.

“This 2017 Terkel class is a talented one that reflects Chicago journalism at its best: strong, innovative, vibrant and solid,” Susy Schultz, president of Public Narrative, said in a statement. “These people and their work not only reflect Studs’ practice of elevating all-too-often unheard voices, but, like Studs, they are dogged practitioners of great storytelling, regardless of platform.

“At Public Narrative, we believe good storytelling breaks down walls and builds understanding while good journalism holds up our Democracy. We are grateful to this group and to all the amazing journalists, who day-in and day-out are on the frontlines. They are defending our First Amendment rights by speaking truth to power via their work.”

Awards will be presented at a scholarship fundraiser March 9. For ticket information see